All About uberPOOL

uberPOOL is true ridesharing at its finest. Riders who request an uberPOOL ride and are going in the same direction will be matched with each other and share a ride! This video explains how an uberPOOL works for you, the driver.
Click the image to see the uberPOOL simulator.

With uberPOOL, riders who happen to be requesting a ride along a similar route will share the ride and split the cost.

Pro Tips

  • Riders know that they are requesting an uberPOOL ride and will expect to share their ride!
  • It is important to follow the directions provided by the app during uberPOOL rides.
  • Riders may not change their pickup or drop off location once they request an uberPOOL.

Still unsure exactly how uberPOOL works? Try it out yourself with our uberPOOL simulator!