Become a Perks Business Partner

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Here's how to become a Partner Perks Business Partner:


1. Develop the Offer

Our team works with you to create an Uber Partner Perks offer, and you become an Uber Preferred Business Partner.


2. We Promote Your Business on Our Website

We promote your business listing and perk offer for our driver-partners on the Local Perks section of our website. This listing includes a brief description of your business, a link to your website, and contact information.


3. We Help Market Your Business & Offer

As an Uber Perks Partner, we inform driver-partners about your business and offer through our tools and efforts.


4. Your Business Sees New Customers

Uber driver-partners redeem your offer, by displaying the "Account" screen on their Uber Driver app, become your customers, and start telling other driver-partners and their riders.