California Airports

We know that airport trips are critical to your earnings. That’s why we continue to work hard at securing permission for you to pick up and drop off riders at airports in California.  

As of today driver-partners in California can enjoy the flexibility to pick up and/or drop off passengers at the following airports. But keep in mind, each airport has its own rules and regulations, and you could be fined for violations. Click the airport name to review the regulations for airports in your area.

Permitted Airports

Prohibited Airports

  • Bakersfield (BFL)
  • Carlsbad (CRQ)
  • Chico (CIC)
  • Crescent City (CEC)
  • Eureka (ACV)
  • Sonoma (STS)
  • Stockton (SCK)

For all other airports not mentioned above, you may pick up or drop off riders until further notice.

Please keep in mind that you must follow all rules and regulations set by each airport and the California Public Utilities Commission. Citations at California airports, including but not limited to legal fees, impound fees, or civil compromise fees, will not be reimbursed