“I’m Carol of Uber on the weekends.”

Who is she during the week?

Carol the real estate agent.


For many driver-partners like Carol Martling of Salem, driving with Uber is a great way to make money on the side. Whether working full-time or on the job hunt, Carol makes Uber fit into her schedule. In the midst of a career transition, Carol searched for real estate opportunities in the morning and drove during the evening and on weekends.

Driving creates networking opportunities for Carol and her riders as she shares her marketing and real estate experience and connections. She often offers business advice to her riders. After chatting with an entrepreneur from Denmark, she suggested that he connect with the CEO of her former firm. 

“I’ve been able to connect businesses to each other, just through Uber.”

Carol particularly likes driving people on the way to far-off places. Many of her riders have said that “Uber is my last trip” before embarking on a new adventure. Carol once drove a man who had just graduated from an Ivy League school and was on his way to an underdeveloped country for a six-month service trip.

“Riders are so happy with Uber. I hear over and over and over how relaxing the environment is, how safe they feel.”

Carol’s riders rave about her safe driving and sweet demeanor. One rider shared, “Carol should receive special commendation for her safety of driving, kindness, and promptness.” To help other driver-partners offer great rides, here are her top six driving tips:

People like Carol are behind the wheel of your Uber rides every day. Everyone has a different story about life outside of Uber. So strike up a conversation on your next ride—you never know who you could meet!