International Women's Day

International Women's Day

In honor of International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate some of the amazing women driver-partners in our community by sharing a few personal stories. 

In honor of International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate some of the amazing women driver-partners in our community by sharing a few personal stories. There has been a lot of focus on how the Uber app has helped riders get around town more easily, but there’s been less of a focus on what it means for drivers – and especially working families, and women. In the past year alone, over 230,000 American women drivers have taken their first trip in the U.S. as an Uber driver-partner.

Kathy Kovacic is one of these women. Kathy has lived in Nevada for 28 years and has been driving with Uber since September 2015. With adult children living on their own, Kathy was looking for something to keep her busy every day after work. She says meeting everyone from locals to tourists and hearing their stories is her favorite part of driving. Just last week, she took her one thousandth ride and thanked her passengers with a card and of course took a celebratory selfie to commemorate the moment!

“I started driving with Uber because I was looking for something exciting to do after work. I’m a nail technician during the day and started driving with Uber because I love the interactions I have with other people from all over the world! I drive not only for the amazing people I meet, but because it’s given me the opportunity to set my own hours, be my own boss, and allows me to earn a little extra money to help my husband get through school. I was even able to save up to go on my first cruise!”

Crystal Johnson is another local driver-partner who uses Uber to take control of her own life, and calls Uber’s return to Nevada a “blessing” that allows her to provide more for herself and her family. A mother of four with a full-time merchandising career, Crystal loves that Uber gives her the flexibility to be there for her children’s track meets, pageant contests, and other extra curricular activities. She is using the extra income she earns through Uber to save up for her family’s dream house and was even able to buy her eldest son a car!  

“A lot of people ask me what it’s like being a woman driver-partner. I tell them that I feel empowered having control of my own schedule and being my own boss. I feel like I can do anything. Even with my day job, people try to tell me that’s a “man’s job.” I’ve been everything from a plumber to a mail carrier. I’ve done so many things that people think are a man’s job. But when you’re a mom, your kids think you are Superwoman. They believe I can do everything. And with the extra income and flexibility I have with Uber, I feel like I can too.”

In Nevada, we’ve seen what amazing things can happen when women take the wheel. Today we wanted to celebrate International Women’s day by thanking the women who help hundreds of thousands of riders get safely from point A to point B every day.