International Women's Day

International Women's Day

Read on to meet two of our North Carolina driver-partners, Janovia and Antonieta. 

In honor of International Women’s Day we’re highlighting the exceptional work of our female driver-partners in North Carolina. We know many women around the world are pursuing opportunities that fit around their life, and models like Uber offer new ways for women to earn money while balancing other responsibilities like work and family.

Read on to meet two of our North Carolina driver-partners, Janovia and Antonieta. Learn how they started driving with Uber and hear their advice for other women considering becoming an Uber driver-partner.


Janovia found out about Uber from a financial advice group on Facebook. She lives in Gastonia, but she likes to monitor Facebook to find out about the major events happening in Charlotte and drive when she knows it’ll be busy. She believes “in working smarter and not harder.”

Uber is Janovia’s main source of income; she also runs a consulting service to provide resources that empower and motivate single moms. She drives with Uber to support her four children, and feels it’s important to have income sources that offer the flexibility she needs to spend time with her family and support her business.

Janovia has some great memories from her time as a Charlotte driver-partner—she says “Charlotte riders are awesome,” and loves to get her riders ready to party when she drops them off for a night on the town.

We asked Janovia what she would say to other women who are considering becoming driver-partners, and she said, “I tell women to go for it! Driving with Uber is a great way to get out and meet new people, see your city, and get paid to have fun.”


Antonieta is originally from Ecuador and moved to Cary, NC in July, 2013. She found out about Uber from a friend and has been driving ever since.

Antonieta always strives to make her customers happy. She likes to make sure they “feel confident and comfortable” in her car. She usually drives after she drops her sons off at school, when she knows many Cary residents are looking for rides. Some of her favorite memories include connecting with her riders in Cary and knowing that she’s giving them a reliable ride.

Antonieta has twin sons who are on the Autism spectrum, and one of the reasons she loves driving with Uber is that it gives her the flexibility to give her sons the attention they need. She’s even using her earnings to save for a trip to Universal Studios!

Antonieta says that she thinks being an Uber driver-partner is “the best job in the world for all women” because they can set their own schedules, meet new people, and learn about other cultures while also having an opportunity to take care of loved ones and earn extra money.

We’re superpumped to have Janovia and Antonieta as driver-partners in North Carolina, and we thank all our female driver-partners for keeping North Carolina moving. Interested in joining our driver community? Get more information and sign up here.