How does Uber fit in with being a small business owner?
Uber is a great fit for entrepreneurs and small business owners. As an Uber driver-partner, you ARE an entrepreneur! You don’t have someone telling you when to arrive at work, when to go home, what to do while you’re at work. It’s all up to you, and like anything in life the amount of effort and dedication you put into it equals the reward you get in return. Uber allows drivers to have the flexibility to also run their own business and accommodate all that comes with that, while still having time to spend with friends and family. I think being an Uber driver-partner is also a great way for future small business owner to hone their connection skills.

Kimberly’s Business Tip:
Make a connection with your clients. Without a connection, they will just move on the the next service provider, or a cheaper provider. As an entrepreneur, you have the unique opportunity to give more. If you give them a little piece of yourself, they feel connected to you, and will continue to look to you when they need help.

Uber Exclusive Promotion:
Unleashed L.A. would love to offer Uber riders 15% off their first invoice.


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