“I drive because I’m able to do it when I want. I don’t have to miss important family events, and I don’t need to overwork myself."

Years ago, someone pointed out to Marcus that he was an exceptionally patient guy. He had actually heard this on more than one occasion, but this time the observer suggested that he consider a career working with people who have cognitive disabilities. Marcus was immediately interested, realizing this kind of work might be perfect for him.

Today, Marcus works part time with BH Care, a non-profit behavioral health care provider, and drives with Uber on the side. He’s now been helping people with developmental disabilities for 9 years. He loves the work and enjoys spending time with people. As a New Haven native, it’s important to Marcus that he finds ways to give back to his local community.

Outside of the job, Marcus dedicates most of his time to his 2 kids—a 13-year-old daughter and an 8-year-old son. Marcus will tell you he’s a big UCONN basketball fan, and he enjoys going to his favorite local restaurants, but when you ask him what he likes to do when he’s not working or driving he’ll be the first to admit, “It’s not about what I want to do, it’s what my kids want to do.” But like most parents, Marcus is totally okay with that. “It’s all about them right now.”

“I drive because I’m able to do it when I want. I don’t have to miss important family events, and I don’t need to overwork myself. When I want to rest or spend time with my family, I can go ahead and do that.”

No need to bend his arm to see photos of Marcus’s 2 kids. He’ll proudly show them off to you.

Though the last 9 years have been extraordinarily rewarding, Marcus is now looking for a change. Just last week, he passed a written exam to get his “guard card.” He is now eligible to be a security guard in the city of New Haven. His goal is to work within the New Haven school system as a security officer, and he has just one more exam to pass before he’s qualified to do so.

Until then, he’ll continue his per diem work at BH Care while driving up to 30 hours/week with Uber. Once he lands a full-time job in security, he plans to continue driving when he can to make some extra money. His kids have been given fair warning that they may one day soon get their dad as a security officer at school. “I think they’d be both a little embarrassed, but also happy I’m there.”

Marcus started driving with Uber in June 2015, around the same time UberUP, a partnership between the NAACP and Uber launched in Connecticut. As a supporter of the NAACP New Haven Chapter, Marcus is excited to see the continued growth and success of UberUP. “It’s great to see the 2 organizations working together to educate people about the opportunities with Uber and get more drivers on the road.”