Before he started driving with Uber, Michael worked as a taxi driver for 22 years. 

Before he started driving with Uber, Michael worked as a taxi driver for 22 years. He loved meeting new people and bringing both Connecticuters and visitors where they needed to go. He was good at it, too. As a New Haven native he knew his way around the area well, and even trained new taxi drivers, teaching them the importance of customer service.

But work was also stressful. Michael often clocked 90-hour work weeks to ensure he was able to pay his weekly taxi lease payments. He also found the dispatching system frustrating, as the closest taxi driver didn’t always get the job. Finally, the last straw came when one of his passengers left without paying his fare. “There was no accountability,” says Michael, “And the dispatcher wouldn’t do anything about it.”

Today, Michael is still driving, but instead of logging long hours as a taxi driver he’s using the freedom and flexibility of the Uber platform. “What’s so great about Uber is that it’s fair. It’s about being in the right place at the right time—that’s it.”

He’s a lot less stressed now. He doesn’t have to worry about driving through a blizzard to ensure he makes his lease payment that week. Instead, he sets his own hours and can still make time for the important stuff—like family, friends, and of course, Yankees games.


  • When he’s not driving, Michael enjoys visiting his 5 nephews and niece. Most of his family lives nearby, making reunions easy. He also spends time with his friend’s 13 year old son who he mentors, taking him to Yankees games or to the movies.
  • Years ago, Michael was the featured driver in Connecticut’s Cash Cab commercial.
  • If you couldn’t tell already, Michael is a HUGE Yankees fan. Favorite player of all time? Derek Jeter.
  • The longest trip Uber trip Michael has ever done is from Connecticut to Rutgers in New Jersey.
  • Michael loves dogs (his face still lights up when he talks about his black pug, Katie, who passed away last year) and is hoping that we one day bring UberPUPPIES to Connecticut.

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