Monique has always had a passion for helping people. Her mother used to always say, “From one plate, ten people can eat. As long as there’s love in the house, everything else is lagniappe.”

With 12 years of teaching experience under her belt, Monique’s true passion for teaching is grounded in helping to empower her students to excel. “I love giving the kids something to look forward to… I try to instill that passion for learning while they’re young.” Originally from the Bronx, Monique has been living in the New Orleans area for over 5 years, teaching 5th grade Math, Science, and Social Studies for the St. Tammany school district.

Looking for a second job to help during the 2015 holiday season, Monique heard about Uber through other female driver-partners who were already driving with Uber and loving it. “I didn’t want something that was going to stick me in a job for another 8 hours,” Monique said.

As a mother of 2 and caretaker of a third, Monique finds the flexibility that Uber provides her to be a fantastic opportunity to balance her busy schedule and responsibilities. “What job can you that if your kid is sick, you don’t have to worry about calling in? Want to go meet some friends? Go offline. You set your own hours, set your own pace, set your own goals.”

Aside from helping New Orleanians get around, Monique spends her free time with her children and friends exploring New Orleans. “I love this city, so now I’m learning about the city, learning about the history of the city and the events in the city.”

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