Delivery Fare Change

We've heard feedback that every step of a delivery has its unique challenges. That's why we're updating the way delivery fares are calculated in order to better reflect the service you provide.

Starting Tuesday, May 16th, you’ll be compensated for each pickup and drop off you complete, in addition to the per mile rate for the delivery distance you travel:

Pickup    Old Fare: $3.50  New Fare: $3.00

Per Mile    Old Fare: $1.30     New Fare: $1.00

Drop off    Old Fare: $0.00     New Fare: $1.00

In addition to the pickup fee and distance rate, for trips where you pick up 2 or more orders in one stop, you will also earn an additional drop-off fee for each delivery.

Just as before, we'll deduct Uber's service fee


We’ve seen trips get shorter as we’ve added more and more restaurants to the platform. With these new fares, you’ll earn more on short trips. For example, on a 1.5 mile trip, your gross fares will be:

Old Fare: $3.50 pickup + ($1.30 x 1.5 miles) + $0.00 dropoff = $5.45

New Fare: $3.00 pickup + ($1.00 x 1.5 miles) + $1.00 dropoff = $5.50

While we roll out this new structure, we’ll continue to offer earnings boosts and other promotions. Keep an eye on your app and text messages for the latest offers.