Did Not Answer Phone

At Uber, we’re committed to supporting our partners by providing them the feedback needed to improve their star ratings. In recent driver surveys, rider feedback was the #1 item drivers requested from us, and we listened! In the past week, we received the below feedback from your riders.

Did Not Answer Phone

What does Did Not Answer Phone mean?

A passenger let us know that they tried calling you and you did not answer your phone. Passengers can call you for a variety of reasons before and after a trip. Sometimes they call you prior to a trip to let you know their precise pick up location, other times they call you immediately after a trip has ended to let you know that they left an item in your vehicle. The ability for passengers to call partners (and partners to call passengers) enhances the Uber experience from both the riders’ and partners’ perspectives, so we track this complaint closely. As such, we expect you to answer your phone when a passenger might be calling, so long as it is safe to do so.

How can I improve?

The best way to avoid the ‘Did Not Answer Phone’ complaint is to be alert for incoming calls both before and after a trip. We realize that sometimes you might not have received the call due to poor cell phone reception or are unable to answer because you are focused on driving, however, we ask that you do your best to be responsive to phone calls when it is safe to do so.

What’s next?

To refresh your knowledge on Uber’s best practices, check out this refresher video:


If we continue to receive negative feedback from riders that impacts your rating, your account will be reviewed and may be deactivated.

Note: we expect some negative feedback over time for all our partners as this is the nature of the business! If you believe you received this complaint unfairly, please don’t worry, we’ll only take action if we see a pattern of undesirable behavior. Again, the purpose of this message is to provide you constructive feedback to help you improve.