Eats Dropoff Tips

Time is money - the faster you are able to complete your Eats trips, the more trips and money you can make.

Sometimes, UberEATS users may be late to come meet you at the curb for their food, or even be unaware that they are supposed to meet you outside at all! Here are some tips for you to minimize the food handoff time, and help maximize your earnings:


  • UberEATS delivery in San Diego is curbside, so the Eater should meet you outside at your car
  • Sometimes an Eater may be distracted and not be ready to meet you at curb. In this case, we suggest you send them a text 5 minutes before you arrive to alert them you are on the way. Below is a template you can save on your phone and send to the Eater:

"This is your UberEATS courier. I will arrive outside your location in 5 minutes. Car Description: {Vehicle color, Make, Model} License Plate: {Insert License Plate Number}, Flashers will be on, I will see you curbside!"

  • Unfortunately, there are times when the Eater does not show up to pick up their food. In these cases, here is the process you should follow:
    1. Try calling or texting the Eater
    2. Wait for 10 minutes after arriving
    3. If after 10 minutes the Eater has not shown up, CANCEL the trip and specify that the Eater did not show up
    4. You will be automatically be compensated for the full trip as long as you waited for 10 minutes. No need to write write-into us!