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How Delivery Trips Work

  1. When you receive a request, the top of your screen will say "Delivery" to indicate that it is an uberEATS trip. You can accept the delivery trip by tapping the screen.
  2. Tap "Navigate," and the app will direct you to the pickup location.
  3. When you arrive at the pickup, go inside and show a restaurant staff member the app. That will tell them which order to pickup. Bags are not required in San Diego.

  4. Tap “Verify Items” in the app to ensure that you've picked up the correct items.
  5. Once you are back in your vehicle with your items, slide "Start Trip" and click "navigate." The app will direct you to the dropoff location, just like a normal trip.
  6. When you arrive at the dropoff location, the requester will meet you curbside. Once you have delivered their food, just swipe to end the trip!

Don't have a bag? No problem, a bag is not required to make deliveries with Uber.

5-Star Tips

Want to know what makes a trip 5 stars? Get pro tips from highly rated drivers-partners on how to provide great service to restaurants and eaters.

  • Dress to impress Restaurants and Eaters will appreciate your professionalism
  • Navigate efficiently Not familiar with the area? Driver-partners suggest choosing the navigation app you like most to ensure that you are timely and maximize your time on trips
  • Make Pickups & Drop-offs smooth You might have to enter the restaurant to pick up the food, but delivery to the customer is always curbside
  • Pick up the correct item Verify the order number on your phone to make sure you pick up the correct item
  • Also drive on uberX? Smart, you can maximize your earnings by doing both X and Eats. Use the same app!

Delivery Hours and Area

Hours of operation in San Diego are 7am-1am. Busiest times for delivery are 11am-2pm, and 5pm-9pm

You'll only receive requests for delivery in UberEats Service areas, which reach from Oceanside, east to Escondido and La Mesa, down south to the border.

Delivery Fares


Base Fare: $0

per Mile: $1.10

per Minute: $0.15


Base Fare: $3.50

per Mile: $1.30

per Minute: $0

Want to make some extra cash?

Refer your friends and family to be UberEATS couriers! 

Use your partner app to send the referral invite, you'll make $200 and your referee $50 after they take 40 trips.

Need Help?

For questions, please reach out to us at

or urgent issues during your delivery, call our support line at 1-800-587-6008