Learn more about uberXL

Everyday rides for large groups

uberXL is an Uber product for high-capacity vehicles available in select cities. If your vehicle qualifies for uberXL, you can receive both uberX and uberXL requests. 

Although you can expect higher fares and more passengers with uberXL, the process for receiving an uberXL trip is the same an uberX trip. A request notification will appear on your screen and you will have 15 seconds to accept it.

uberXL Vehicle Requirements

Your vehicle is eligible for uberXL if it meets all of the following criteria:

  • Capacity: Three rows of seats that can accommodate six or more passengers -- plus you. Each passenger must have a seat and a functioning seatbelt.

  • Body Style: Four full, independently-opening doors

  • Condition: No cosmetic damage or missing pieces

  • Branding: No corporate branding or taxi color paint jobs

  • Personal Vehicle: Vehicle cannot be a large passenger van or commercial/heavy duty truck

Ineligible Vehicles

The following vehicles are not eligible for uberXL:

  • Chevrolet Spark
  • Ford Transit
  • GMC Savanna
  • Taxis or other marked vehicles
  • Salvaged vehicles

Driving an ineligible vehicle with uberXL could negatively impact your rating and the rider experience. If your vehicle is classified as uberXL but does not meet these requirements, you can let us know by completing this form: