Extra Earnings Eats

Bookmark this webpage on your phone - use the listed addresses to position yourself in the purple Extra Earnings Zones shown below to maximize your earnings and take advantage of the UberEATS Fare Multiplier Earnings Boosts.

How It Works

You now have two-ways to earn more per trip: 1) take trips during the incentivized hours and 2) take trips inside Extra Earnings Zones.

  • Any qualified EATS trips you take during the incentive hours will give you an earnings boost of up-to 20% more than the normal trip fare.* Check your weekly Monday email for hours and Earnings Boost multipliers.
  • Incentive hours are daily from 9am - 2pm & 5pm - 10pm.
  • Want to increase your trip payouts even more? Go online in the purple Extra Earnings Zones shown in the map below... qualified trips from restaurants in these areas will earn you an ADDITIONAL 20% more than the original trip fare.
  • The additional earnings will show up every Tuesday on your weekly pay statement, they will not appear real-time in-app.

Delivery rates are $1.30 per mile + $3.50 per drop off. Here's an example of the new Earnings Boosts in-action: 

It's Saturday lunch hour at 1:00pm, and you make a delivery that earns you $10. Because the trip was during the incentivized hours, you get 1.2x, or +20% the normal fare, so you would earn $12 for that trip. Plus, you positioned yourself in a great place, and the restaurant was inside the Extra Earnings Zone. Congratulations, you just got an additional 20%, giving you a final takeaway of $14. After finishing, you stay online and drive towards the nearest Extra Earnings Zone to take advantage of the next earnings-boosted trip.

Extra Earnings Zones are below. Picking up from restaurants inside the purple zones can earn you up to 40% more per trip during incentive hours. Increase the chances of getting trips starting in the Extra Earnings Zones by waiting at the addresses listed here.

Why Go Online in the Extra Earnings Zones?

In addition to allowing you to qualify for the Earnings Boosts, positioning yourself in the optimal location to receive requests is the key to maximizing your trips and earnings. Here's why.

QUALIFY FOR ADDITIONAL EARNINGS BOOSTS Qulaified pickups from restaurants in the Extra Earnings Zones will make you a guaranteed extra 20% every trip.

GET MORE TRIPS Dispatches from restaurants go to the closest available driver. By waiting in areas with lots of popular restaurants, you are increasing your chances of earning more trips and more money!

DECREASE UNPAID MILEAGE You are payed $3.50 per dropoff plus $1.30 per mile once you have a customer's food. The closer you are to these popular restaurant hotspots, the higher percentage of your time is spent on the PAID part of the trip.

*Note that guarantees and per delivery payments are before Uber's service fee. You must have an acceptance rate of over 80% during your time online to qualify for the Earnings Boost. You will see any guarantee earnings added to your weekly pay statement the following Tuesday.