Getting licensed with Ignition

Get on the road to flexible work with Uber's Ignition Programme.

Driving on the Uber platform offers flexible, independent work to thousands of professionally- licensed drivers up and down the country.
Now, Uber is helping people who had never considered driving before but want to set their own hours and fit their work around their other priorities – be it studies, family or business – to get their professional licence and get on the road.
Uber’s Ignition programme is there to help when new drivers work towards getting a professional licence from their local authority, every step of the way.
The first step is easy: a short information session where you can find out about what it’s like to drive on the Uber platform and how to apply for your licence from a local authority. If you decide you want to apply, you can get guidance and support from Uber and, once you’ve got a licence, you can sign up to become an Uber Partner.

Get started with your licence today!