Getting Paid

Watch this short video about payments on the Uber system. Click the link below for more information about how your earnings are calculated.

How and When Payment Happens

  • Each pay period begins on Monday at 4am and ends on the following Monday at 3:59am.
  • You will receive an email on Mondays with a link to your pay statement. You can also log in to your Partner Dashboard at and click on ‘Pay Statements’ on the lefthand side to see each weekly statement.
  • Your earnings are provided via direct deposit into your bank account every Thursday. If you have not yet entered your banking information so that Uber can pay you via direct deposit, you can do so securely at

How Earnings are Calculated

The fare you see when you end a trip will not be the final amount you are paid for that trip, it is the total amount that is being charged to the rider.  There are several things that make up this number:

  1. Trip Fare: this is based on the time and distance of the trip, the rates can be found by selecting your city here.
  2. Booking Fee: each trip includes a booking fee, which may vary by city, that Uber collects from the rider on your behalf.  This fee is used to cover the costs of insurance and safety features. It does not affect your fare from trip, which is calculated based on time and distance.
  3. Tolls: if you had to pay a toll while on the trip, or crossed a bridge that requires a toll going either direction the total amount of this toll will be included in the fare.

Your earnings for each trip will only include the Trip Fare and any Tolls. There is also an Uber Fee associated with each trip, which is applied based on a % of the Trip Fare. This Uber Fee goes toward use of the Uber platform, including: support, credit card processing fees, and marketing to drive additional business to you. Visit your city’s section of the website for more information on the Uber Fee rates. The Uber Fee is never applied to tolls, for which you receive direct reimbursement in full.