How It Works

What is Uber?

The Uber is a mobile application that connects professional drivers to passengers.

The Uber is evolving the way the world is moving.  

When connecting passengers and drivers through our applications, we leave cities more accessible, bringing more opportunities for passengers and more business for drivers.

How it works?

Watch this short video to understand how Uber works:
The Uber is a technology company, therefore it does not employ drivers and has no fleet. We have a technology platform that drivers use to receive more customers. 


As a partner of Uber, you can connect to the platform any time you want . The platform is on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You have total control when you want to get online or offline.

Weekly payments

All week trips are sent in one payment directly to your bank account.

No cash or credit card machines

Trips are automatically charged to the passenger 's credit card en enhuma processing fee will be charged to you