1 Year Driving History - Iowa

It appears our third-party safety screening provider, Checkr, was unable to locate proof that you have at least one year of driving history based on your current license. This can happen if you recently renewed your license or had your license issued in a new state.

Because at least 1 year of driving history is a required part of the safety screening process, your screening has temporarily been delayed.

But there's good news! This is easy to resolve!

Providing 1-Year Driving History

A 1 year driving history can be provided by either:

  • Displaying a driving license with an issue date of 1 year or longer, or
  • Displaying a driving history record

Here's how...

If You DO NOT Have Your Previous License

If you don’t have your previous driver’s license, the easiest way to prove driving history in Iowa is to:

  1. Request an Original Application for Driver License from the Secretary of State - Vehicle Services. Application can be found here.
    Note: If requesting by postal service, privacy form 431069 must be included. Add separate page stating "I am requesting my Original Application for Driver License".
  2. Once document is obtained, submit copy to https://applicant.checkr.com/

If your prior license was not issued in Iowa, please click here:

If You Still Have Your Previous License

If you still have your previous driver’s license (or a picture / photocopy), all you need to do is provide a photo of that driver’s license to Checkr.

Click on “Upload Required Documents” to submit your previous driver’s license.

Janice's current driver's license was issued more than 1 year ago, proving at least 1 year of driving history. 

Need more help?

You can always visit your local Iowa DMV in person and request a copy of your driving record. For a list of DMV locations near you, click below.

If you have additional questions, feel free to visit help.uber.com. We're happy to help!