Momentum Rewards

Our vision is to provide safe, reliable rides – anytime, anywhere and for everyone.  Our driver-partners are the bedrock of this vision.

We’re always working to make Uber a great platform for partners to build a small business, so we are excited to introduce Momentum – a rewards program available exclusively for Uber driver-partners.

What is it and how do I join?

Momentum Rewards is a tiered loyalty program where you can attain a higher membership tier by increasing your total monthly points. The higher your tier, the wider your access to special deals by local and national reward-partners.

To be eligible to join the program, you must be an active uberX, uberBLACK, or uberEATS driver-partner who has taken at least 1 trip in the previous calendar month.

To find how to qualify for different rewards, read on.

What are the rewards for each program tier?

The points you earn this month are added together to determine your Momentum tier next month. Points reset to 0 at the start of each month so it’s dependent on what you earn in the month prior.  

However, Gold and Platinum tier members have the benefit of keeping their tier for two months so long as they earn the points to keep the tier for one of those months (provided they meet other eligibility requirements).

So if you earn enough points in May for Platinum, you will hold Platinum status for June and July, regardless of the amount of points you earn in June and July, however, to continue with the Platinum tier in August, you must get the requisite number of points in July.

See below for the minimum requirements for each status and click on the logo to see which rewards are available at each level.



  • 1 point per month



  • 60 points per month


  • 1 point per month


uberX & UberBLACK:

  • 200 points per month


uberX & UberBLACK

  • 500 points per month
  • 4.7 lifetime rating

What does my Momentum card look like?

How do I earn points?

Get points for trips you take! Check out the table below to see how many points you will be entitled to for each trip completed during peak and off-peak times in a week:


These points are added up monthly and this determines your Momentum tier.

How do I redeem these rewards?

Simply present your virtual reward card to the retailer to redeem your deal.

How do I Access my Momentum Rewards Card?

By downloading, storing and/or using the Momentum virtual card, you agree to the Momentum Card Terms and Uber's Privacy Policy.

1. Tap ‘Home’ to view the in-app card Open up your Partner app and tap on the ‘Home’ tab on the bottom left corner. From there, scroll up until you see the card titled *Momentum Partner Rewards’.
2. Access your Momentum Rewards card Tap on the blue text that reads ‘View Momentum Card’ to access your current Momentum Rewards card. You can use your referral code or QR code to redeem rewards available to you.

How often does my points status update?

On your virtual membership card, it shows how many points you still need to earn this month to attain the monthly points threshold for your membership tier.  It also shows how many points you still need to earn this month to upgrade your status.  These values update on Tuesday of each week.

Stay tuned as we introduce more deals to Momentum!

The Uber Momentum team