How Do You Make Uber Fit?


With Uber, you’re the boss. You drive when it works for you. How do real driver-partners fit Uber into their lives? We asked them to share.

While I'm running errands

“I turn Uber on when I run to the pharmacy, grocery store, etc. I work 15 miles from the city and turn it on when I leave to see if anyone needs a ride to the city.” - Henry B., Georgia driver-partner
“I go online when I am running errands and not in a hurry. I almost always pick up a couple trips.” - Keith L., Myrtle Beach driver-partner

On my way to work 

“I commute to Brooklyn every day, and driving with Uber along the way makes the commute fun! I also go out on the weekends, making sure people can get where they need to go safely. - Yehuda B., New Jersey driver-partner
I get up early and help folks get to work before I start my regular work day. - Ella L., Augusta driver-partner

During my extra downtime

“I make myself available whenever I have the spare time. I drive on my nights off from my job, as well as afternoons. When I go out with my family I turn Uber off for a while.” - Brian T., New Jersey driver-partner
“I like that I can choose to Uber between appointments during the business day and in the evenings and weekends during my down time. As a realtor I really appreciate the scheduling flexibility that Uber affords. I wish I'd started doing this earlier.” - Leonard M., Philadelphia driver-partner

Around my other work schedule

“I try and drive all the time as much as I can. I am a professional actor, so whenever I am free of rehearsals, performances, or auditions, I am behind the wheel. - Jeffrey S., New Jersey driver-partner
“I drive a couple of nights after I get off work and then again sometimes for a few hours on weekends if I have no other plans. I like driving for Uber because I can fit it easily into my ever-changing schedule.” - Heather B., North Carolina driver-partner

Between my family commitments

“My wife works at night and my son plays football in high school. I use Uber to fit my life by driving mostly after my son is in bed. Uber fits my life by allowing me to be home for dinner every night, see my wife off to work, and make sure my son is safe in bed.” - Edward R., Sarasota driver-partner

“I can work a full-time job and spend time with my family and Uber when I am not working or with family. I never miss big family events because I can Uber at anytime. - Brian B., Allentown driver-partner

Until my classes start

“I'm a college student. In the summer, I'm waking up early to get the morning commuters. During the day I go hiking, work out, and get other important things done. At 3:00 p.m., I go back online to get the evening commuters. This gives me enough extra cash to go out with my friends and buy things I need.” - David S., New Jersey driver-partner
“Mornings and evenings are the best times to drive during the week, and nights during the weekend. Since I'm loaded with classes at school, I have decided to drive from Thursday to Saturday.- Paul K., Charlotte driver-partner

When my kids are at school

“I like the fact that I can get my kids off to school and then turn Uber on until I have to go home and cook dinner and wait for the kids to get out of school. I love how convenient Uber is!” - Alisha G., Orlando driver-partner
“I am an early riser, so I like to drive the morning rush hour. Then I come home, give my wife a ride to her job, and then spend the day at home with our kids. When the kids are in school, I might go out to run some errands, and pick up a few rides or deliver some UberEATS. I drive when I want to, and maintain my personal and family time. I love the flexibility that driving for Uber offers!” - Rich S., Philadelphia driver-partner