Points policy

Uber does not accept partner-drivers on the platform who have an endorsement for any of the following driving offences:

Driving Offences


Accident offences                                    

AC10, AC20, AC30


Disqualified driver

BA10, BA20, BA30, BA40, BA60


Careless driving

CD40, CD50, CD60, CD70, CD71, CD80, CD90


Reckless/dangerous driving

DD10, DD20, DD30, DD40, DD50, DD60, DD70, DD80, DD90



DR10, DR20, DR30, DR31, DR40, DR50, DR60, DR61, DR70



DG10, DG40, DG60, DR80, DR90



IN10, IN12, IN14


Licence offences

LC10, LC20


Miscellaneous offences



Special code

TT99, XX99


Theft or unauthorised taking

UT10, UT20, UT30, UT40, UT50


Mutual recognition codes

MR09, MR19, MR49, MR59