Here is what riders say they like to see.

Ratings are a two-way street. Here is what riders say they like to see.

This video explains how to get great ratings.

Uber partner-drivers are the face of the Uber experience. Your ability to get riders from point A to B safely, efficiently, and respectfully is a huge part of why riders love Uber so much.

To keep that love going around, and to help partner-drivers succeed on the Uber platform, Uber pays a lot of attention to the experiences that partner-drivers are delivering when they sign online.

Uber values the quality of service provided to your riders on the three quality measures listed below:

1. Star Rating: after you complete a trip, your rider can rate their experience on a 1-5 star scale, 5 being the highest rating. Your star rating is the average of all your rated trips. 

2. Confirmation rate: your confirmation rate is the percentage of total bookings allocated to you that you have been able to confirm. As an independent contractor you have absolute flexibility to log on to the application at any time, for whatever period you choose. However, being online with the Uber app is an indication that you are available to confirm and complete trips.

3. Cancellation rate: after you have confirmed a booking allocated to you, you have the option to cancel it. Your cancellation rate is the percentage of all confirmed bookings that you cancel.

Partner-drivers who meet or exceed Uber’s quality standards continue to have access to the app and are eligible for special events and opportunities.

Partner-drivers who fall below Uber’s quality standards and Services Agreement may receive notifications or have their access to the Uber app restricted.

Pro Tips

  • You can see your star rating on the Uber Partner-driver App under ‘Account’, or on the top right corner of your Partner-driver Dashboard on partners.uber.com.

  • When you first begin driving, your rating may fluctuate quite a bit - don’t worry, this is normal! After you do enough trips, your average rating will stabilize over time. However, we will monitor your ratings every 50 rated trips to provide help and resources, if necessary. 
  • You do not get rated when a trip is canceled, either by you or your rider.