Requests During Your Trip

Accept your next request before your current trip is complete!

How It Works

While on a trip you will be able to accept new trip requests.  The request can be one of the following:

  1. A new trip request for a trip that will start close to your current trip's destination.
  2. A new passenger pickup location for a matched UberPOOL rider.  This is only possible if your current trip is an UberPOOL trip.

How It Looks

While on your current trip, you will receive this notification to accept your next request. Like a normal trip, just tap to accept. 

Once you have accepted your next trip, the screen will go back to the current trip to help avoid confusion. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this a feature? 
This feature allows both riders and partners to see much lower ETAs.  

As a partner, it helps minimize your downtime between and ETA to your next trip, maximizing your time making money on trips.  

For riders, that means experiencing quicker pickups which can lead to higher partner ratings and satisfaction with their trips.

Will the next rider know that I'm on my way?
Yes. If you are completing your current trip, the next rider will see a popup in their app letting them know that the closest vehicle is already on a trip or completing a trip nearby.

They will also see the drop-off location for your current rider and an estimated time of arrival (ETA) for their pickup.

Is this uberPOOL?
No.  Unless your first trip is a POOL trip, the second request will be for a separate trip that will start after you have dropped off the first passenger.

What if my current rider wants to make multiple stops?
If the rider has already entered their destination, kindly confirm with them if it is their final destination.  If not, you may change the destination in the Uber app to the final destination so you are less likely to receive your next request too early.