Uber is committed to safety

Watch this short video on safety while on the Uber platform!

Uber's system is designed with the safety of riders and our partner-drivers at its heart.

Cashless transactions protect you from risk

Fares are charged automatically to the rider's credit card - so you don't have to handle cash and deal with change.

Drivers rate riders too

You rate your rider after every trip. If a rider behaves in a way that makes a you feel concerned for your safety or that of your vehicle, this is a violation of Uber's rider terms.

Around the clock support

Uber has a large team of customer support specialists, available to assist you 7 days a week. You can get in touch at any point through the Uber partner app or by visiting help.uber.com.

Fair compensation for mess means no difficult conversations

If a rider makes a mess in your car, Uber will recoup your cleaning costs and compensate you for the expense - meaning there are no difficult situations on the journey.

Insurance for every trip

From pickup to drop-off, every trip around the world is insured - protecting riders, drivers, and everyone else on the road. In the UK, it’s the partner-driver’s responsibility to ensure that all insurance documentation is up to date - without valid documentation, you will not be able to access the Uber partner app.

Important Safety Reminders

Please review the safety tips below to help keep the system safe for riders and drivers:

  • We recommend that, when picking up a rider, you go to a place where it is safe to stop and wait.
  • Confirm you are picking up the right rider. Ask the rider to confirm his or her name before beginning a trip, especially in high-traffic areas.
  • Need to contact your rider? Call or text the rider through the app using an anonymized phone number, without ever sharing or receiving any personal information.
  • The Uber system does not enable partners to accept street hails. Picking up a rider from the street when the journey has not been booked is touting and is in violation of the private hire licence. It is both illegal and dangerous for riders and partner-drivers.  In cases of touting, Uber co-operates fully with the police and partners’ access to the Uber system will be revoked.

or additional information on safety, check out our Code of Conduct.


If you are in an accident, first make sure that you and your passengers are ok. You should call the emergency services if there has been an injury. If you cannot continue the journey, end the trip and help the rider book onward travel. Please do let Uber know - we want to make sure you’re ok!

If you need to use a courtesy car following an accident, please let Uber know. You will need to supply registration documents and valid insurance for the new vehicle before you are able to continue working on the Uber app.  

Intoxicated Riders

Uber and Uber users are proud to play a part in reducing the number of drunk driving accidents in cities we’ve entered. However, with alcohol comes unexpected behaviour that can be challenging for even the most seasoned partner-driver to manage. Check out the Intoxicated Rider Guide to help you address a situation where the rider may have had too much to drink.


If at any time you feel that you are faced with a situation that requires immediate emergency attention, please call the emergency service number in your area. Once all parties are safe and the situation has been handled by the authorities, please then notify Uber. We will assist and take appropriate action as needed, including cooperating with law enforcement.