Vehicle safety inspections

South Carolina state law requires Uber Partners to have a vehicle safety inspection performed by a certified inspector within 30 days of taking their first trip with Uber in order to remain active on the system.

If you do not have the inspection completed within 30 days of completing your first trip, your account will be deactivated until you complete the inspection.

Please note that the inspection must be completed on any vehicle you plan to drive on the Uber system. This includes recently purchased or brand new vehicles.

Inspections are valid for one calendar year.

Here's how to get your vehicle safety inspection:

Step 1: Print the Inspection Form

This special safety inspection must be filled out and signed by a certified service technician. You must download and print a copy of the form before heading to the auto service center.

Step 2: Get your car inspected

A certified mechanic must complete the inspection form. If you have a mechanic or car dealership you've worked with, feel free to use them!

We have also negotiated special rates at service centers in your area where you can have the inspection completed. Please call and make an appointment prior to arriving to ensure prompt service.

Let them know you're an Uber Partner and the service centers in your city will give you a discounted rate! Click your city below for inspection locations:

Step 3: Upload a picture of the completed inspection form

Please upload a picture or PDF of the completed safety inspection form to your partner account at and a member of our team will review it.