Standards advice

At Uber, safety is our number one priority for both riders and partner-drivers.

We aim to offer industry leading safety and quality and this means working with our partner-drivers to establish best practices for how to use and conduct yourself on the Uber platform. We must do our best to improve safety for all – both on the Uber platform and in the community.

Please remember that there are some recommendations that if not followed, may constitute a breach of your partner terms or licence conditions.

**Uber reserves the right not to allow partner-drivers on the platform who have more than 8 active points on their driving licence or have an active endorsement for any of the following driving offences: (click here) 


All partner-drivers must hold a valid Private Hire Vehicle Licence and commercial insurance

All partner-drivers must display all identification that is required by your local regulator

It is illegal to transport more people than is permitted by your vehicle licence

It is illegal to take a paying passenger without a pre-booking through a Private Hire

Operator. When on the Uber platform, all trips must be pre-booked via the Uber application

It is against the law to refuse to transport a passenger with an assistance or guide dog

It is against the law to smoke or consume intoxicating substances in a private hire vehicle.

For all the conditions of your Private Hire licence, please check with your licensing council 


You should always adhere to the highway code while driving

You should always be considerate of other road users and be aware of cyclists

It is advisable to drive in a manner that is comfortable for riders

Using your phone while driving is dangerous and illegal

It is important that you drive responsibly and take breaks when required. Driving while tired is a risk to yourself and others on the road

It is essential for safety that partner-drivers have a good command of the English language


Keep calm and composed with riders and with other road users at all times

The Uber platform is diverse with riders and partner-drivers coming from different backgrounds, cultures, religions and lifestyles. We recommend you do not discuss sensitive or personal topics (such as politics, religion, relationship status or sexual orientation)

Discrimination of any kind from either riders and partner-drivers is not tolerated

When you go online remember to check your vehicle is ready to take the number of riders it has capacity for, so make sure not to have any passengers of your own in the vehicle

At the end of a ride, it is advised not to pressure riders to give you a good rating as it makes them feel uncomfortable


Respect the privacy of riders – If you choose to fit CCTV within your vehicle you are required by law to adhere to the data protection act and to the terms of your local regulator regarding use of such equipment. We encourage both riders and partner-drivers to respect each other’s privacy

It is not appropriate to obtain your customer’s direct contact details after a journey

It is never appropriate to disclose specific information about a trip, rider or interaction with Uber on social media platforms without consent

Returning lost property is the only instance where it is appropriate to contact the rider after the trip ends; if you discover lost property later on, please contact Uber

You should always act respectfully – harassment or inappropriate conduct can be illegal


The Uber platform is cashless, so refrain from accepting cash payments for fares. Remember that the fare is all paid from the rider’s account via the Uber platform

It is advisable not to start the trip without the rider in the car, unless the rider has specifically instructed you to do so

For questions about a fare or cancellation, contact Uber via the button in the application or by email


It is important that you maintain up to date contact information on your dashboard so that you can be contacted by both riders and Uber

It is your responsibility to ensure that all documents are valid and up to date for both your licence and your vehicle. You will not be able to access the platform if this is not the case

It is against Uber’s partner terms to let anyone else use your account to drive on the platform

You are responsible for ensuring that the vehicle in use is the one selected in the app:

Select the correct vehicle by pressing – Select a different vehicle on the Go Online screen.

The car you select must match the one you intend to drive on Uber

To add a new vehicle, you must create a profile and add all the documents required. The documents will then be confirmed by our operations team

Please refrain from using the rider app to create requests for trips you don’t intend to take


It is important that your vehicle is fully roadworthy and all safety equipment is in working order

Riders appreciate when your vehicle is well maintained and in professional condition

Your vehicle must be of an Uber approved make and model to access the platform in your city

Your vehicle should be free of any unapproved branding and uncluttered insid


If you have any questions, concerns or need further clarification, contact Uber via the Uber Partner App

In the case of an incident with a rider regarding the fare, contact Uber with details through the "I need a fare review button" in the Uber Partner App

In the case of an accident, please contact Uber immediately with details