Trade Dress

The CPUC requires that all TNC partners must display Uber trade dress in two locations whenever online. You must display trade dress in both the front windshield on the passenger side and the back windshield on the passenger side. Having Uber trade dress helps riders quickly identify your car so you can start the trip on time. Please be aware that failure to display trade dress on both front and rear windshields when online can result in a ticket and fine of up to $1,000.

Please refer to the following images to see examples of properly affixed trade dress

Front windshield:

Rear windshield:


Q: How do I use my new trade dress?

A: Peel the backing off the trade dress and attach it to the *inside* of the front and rear windshields with the circular design (side with the adhesive) facing outwards. Please see the images above to see how to properly use your new trade dress.


Q: Can I affix the new Trade Dress to the outside of my vehicle?

A: No, the Trade Dress is designed to be affixed to the inside of the vehicle so that the proper circular design can be seen through your front and back windshields


Q: What if I need additional trade dress?

A: You can pick up a trade dress by visiting our Uber Greenlight Hub or by visiting any of our Uber Greenlight Spots