Trip Guide

The only thing standing between you and your first trip is a tap of a button! Our team works hard to make your driving experience a great one, but we want to make sure you have all the information you need to have a great first trip.

1. Go Online

When you are ready to take a trip, log in to your Uber Partner app and tap the 'Go Online' button.  Going online is how you let us know you are ready and available to start accepting trip requests near you!

Once signed in, tap the GO ONLINE button at the top of the app screen.
You will see a blue "You are now online" bar.  You will also now see the GO OFFLINE button. 
You are now ready to receive trip requests closest to your current location

2. Receive A Trip Request

The Uber Partner app will use your phone's GPS to determine your current location.  This allows us you to receive the trip requests that are closest to you! You have 15 seconds to accept or ignore each trip request.

Each trip request shows the following information:

  1. Request type (UberX, UberPOOL)
  2. Distance to pickup (in minutes)
  3. Pickup location (address)
  4. Rider rating

Simply tap on the screen to accept your trip!

3. Pick Up Your Rider

The app is designed to provide you with turn-by-turn directions, so you'll always know the way! Uber's in-app navigation is shown below, but you can always choose between Google Maps and Waze if you prefer.

Tap the blue NAVIGATE arrow next to the pickup address
Follow the turn-by-turn directions
You will be notified when you have arrived at the rider's pickup location

4. Requests During Your Trip

A new request might come in while you're on your trip and that's OK!  To maximize your time on trips, the app will send you new requests along your current route or near your current destination. If you're on an uberPOOL trip, this request might be a new pickup for a matched rider.  The new request could also be a trip where the next pickup location is close to your current trip's dropoff location.

Accepting these requests while on your current trip will help you minimize your downtime.  Learn more about this cool feature here.

5. Arrive At Pickup Location

Riders are messaged automatically when you arrive, so no need to call or text them unless you are having trouble locating them.  If you do need to reach your rider, you can contact them through the Uber Partner app.  We use technology to keep both rider and driver-partner contact information private.

If you have waited for a few minutes and can't reach them, you can cancel the trip.  To see how, and learn about the cancellation policy, see our cancellation guide.

6. Confirm Your Rider

Confirm you have the right rider.  If you ask, "are you Bob?", anyone could say "yes", so we recommend that you ask the rider to tell you their name in order to confirm you have the correct rider.  

7. Start Your Trip

Once your rider is in the car, you are ready to start the trip! You should see the green START TRIP bar appear on your screen. It is important that you begin and end your trip on time so the full time and distance of your trip can be calculated to determine the trip fare.

If for some reason you do not start or end the trip on time, just let us know by selecting the NEED HELP button after your trip.  See Partner Support for more details on how to report this issue.

Slide the START TRIP bar to begin your trip.

8. Drop Off Your Rider

When you start the trip, you will see the rider's drop-off location in the app.  Just like when you picked up your rider, you can use navigation to get to the rider's drop off location.

Most riders will enter their drop off location. If they have not entered the location, you can ask them to update it in the app or enter it in your Uber Partner App.  We recommend that you ask your rider to confirm their final destination. Either way, we recommend that you ask your rider to confirm their final destination. 

Many top partners ask their rider if they have a preferred route, or wish for you to follow the GPS.  Most riders will have you follow the GPS, but they also like to have the option to direct you if they have a preferred route.

If the rider has entered their destination, you will see the new address in the app.
No destination? No problem! You can enter the address in the "Enter dropoff location" search bar.
When entering the dropoff location, we recommend that you confirm the city with the rider so you select the correct location.

9. Complete Your Trip

When you get to the rider's destination, you will be prompted to end the trip.  Once you have ended the trip, both you and your rider will be able to rate one another.  We use a 5-Star rating system in the app, where 5-stars is the best rating you can give for a great trip experience!  Learn more about how ratings work here.

Swipe right on the red COMPLETE TRIP bar to end your trip.   Don't see the bar? Tap on the DROP OFF bar at the bottom of the screen and it will appear! 
Rate your rider by tapping one of the stars. They will turn red when you have entered your rating. You and your rider will both be able to rate each other when you are done! 
After rating, you'll return to the map. You're now ready to take your next trip!

Learn More

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