UberEATS Status this Week

UberEATS offers Status, which gives you higher earnings boosts each week based on the number of trips you completed the previous week. Achieve an UberEATS Status by completing the required number of trips for each level: Black, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Your status refreshes every Monday - open your driver app every Monday morning to see if you qualify for an UberEATS Status.

Note: This is an example of an UberEATS Status notification. This is not your Status level for the week.

How to qualify for an UberEATS status next week

To qualify for any UberEATS Status next week, you must maintain greater than 80% Acceptance Rate***, less than 5% Cancellation Rate***, and complete at least the following number of trips between Monday and Sunday this week:

BLACK STATUS  25 Completed Trips

SILVER STATUS  50 Completed Trips

GOLD STATUS  75 Completed Trips

PLATINUM STATUS  150 Completed Trips

Check your driver app to see if you qualified for an UberEATS Status this week!


*Qualifying trips are during posted incentive hours and inside designated Extra Earnings zones. See your driver app for information on times and places of extra earnings opportunities.

*** Acceptance Rate = # Trip Requests you accept during the week/# Trip Requests sent to you during the week. Cancellation Rate = # Trips you cancel after accepting during the week/# Trips you accept during the week

Please note that all earnings are before Uber's service fee. This offer is for driver-partners only who directly received the offer in-app or via email from Uber San Diego. Qualifying trips must be completed between Monday at 4:00am PDT and the next Monday at 3:59am PDT within the San Diego coverage area. This offer only applies to Uber Delivery trips. Your fares are calculated based on the most efficient route. We reserve the right to withhold or deduct payments that we determine or believe were in error, fraudulent, illegal, or in violation of driver terms or these terms.